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"I spend a lot of time in Downtown Muncie. It's nice to have a course so close and easy to get to."

- Arrick Garringer

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Men's Association

2016 Crestview Men’s Golf Association


I would like to thank all of you who participated in the Men’s Association over the years.  For those who have not participated, I would encourage you to do so.

The Men’s Association is a group of members and non-members, eighteen years and older, who play fun, but competitive, tournaments throughout the golf season.

Last year, we had players of all skill levels and we are looking to boost participation this year. After hosting a meeting a few weeks ago, I gained some insight from

players on a wide variety of topics. After discussing these topics, I have decided to make a few changes that I believe will be beneficial for the Association.

Please see the changes below and let me know if you have any questions.


Looking forward to the upcoming season,

Matt Sauter

PGA Golf Professional




*Association Fee: Members $5.00 / Non-Members $10.00

(money gets added back into tournaments throughout the season)


*Handicap Fee: $20.00

(members receive a free handicap with individual membership

/ those with spouses may be subject to the fee)


*Total Start up Fee: Members $5.00 or $25.00

/ Non-Members $30.00


*Tournament Fees:$15.00 Per Event

(Men’s Club Championship $25.00)


*Skins: $3.00 of the tournament entry fee is allocated towards skins


*Green Fees:Members w/o Cart Pass $25.00

(Entry Fee & Cart Included)


*Non-Members $35.00

(Entry Fee, Green Fee, & Cart Included)


*Starting Time: April (9a.m. Gun) – May (9a.m. Gun) – June (8a.m. Gun)

– July (8a.m. Gun) – August (8:30 T.T.) – September (8a.m. Gun)


*Tees: A & B Flight (Blue Tees) / C &D Flight (White Tees)

*If golf staff needs to move players from different flights those individuals

will play from the tees that his handicap is established from*





* Spring Handicap Kick Off – April 24

* 2 Man Scramble (Players Paired Up By Golf Shop) – May 22


* Individual Full Handicap Stableford Format – June 26


* 1 Best Ball ½ Handicap (A&B / C&D) – July 24


* Club Championship – August 27 & 28